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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

US is “firmly committed” to protecting Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion, says Blinken

The United States is “firmly committed” to protecting Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said, warning the Chinese leadership not to “foment a crisis” that would have “dire consequences.”

Blinken, speaking at the Reuters Next conference on December 2, spoke of China’s growing insistence on Taiwan, which Beijing claims to be part of its territory.

He described China’s attempts to change the status quo as “dangerous” because it increased pressure on Taiwan, isolated the self-governing island from the rest of the world, and carried out provocative military maneuvers.

When asked if the United States would agree to send military forces to Taiwan in the event of an invasion, Blinken echoed the country’s position of “making sure Taiwan has the means to defend itself” either through defense clauses or services.

“We are firmly committed to Taiwan to make sure it has the means to defend itself, but here too, I hope that China’s leaders will think very carefully about this and not provoke a crisis that I think would have dire consequences. for many. people and nobody is interested, starting from China, ”he said.

When asked if the United States could reassure its allies that it would intervene if China moves militarily against Taiwan, given that the United States had previously withdrawn troops from Afghanistan, leading to the Taliban taking control of the country, Blinken replied: “I think all that allies and partners have seen in this administration is a very strong renewal of participation, revitalization, confirmation of our main alliances and partnerships, starting with Asia and Europe.”

China is building up its air force near Taiwan. On October 1, as China celebrated the anniversary of the communist regime, Taiwan reported that about 150 Chinese warplanes entered its air defense zone for four days in a row.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said the Chinese mission included 34 J-16 fighters and 12 nuclear-armed H-6 bombers flying around the Pratas Islands.

In November, Taiwan reported that 27 Chinese aircraft had entered its air defense zone, including 18 fighters and five H-6 bombers, as well as a Y-20 refueling aircraft, prompting Taiwan to launch combat aircraft.

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu described China’s latest invasion of the Taiwan Strait as a “coercive action” that “was clearly intended to bring Taiwan to its knees” and keep it from democratic partners.

The Taiwan government will “never” yield to pressure from China, Wu said in a statement from the Taiwan Foreign Ministry. Twitter Account.

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