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USB Car Charger Buying Guide

USB Car Charger Buying Guide

If you need to charge your smartphone in the car, but you don’t know which options to buy on the market, we’ll try to give you all the information you need to find the best one for you .

Obviously, all of us who have a car, sooner or later, will need to buy a charger that can be used to power any smartphone or tablet that we carry in the vehicle.

The biggest problem when buying this type of device is that since there are so many different types in the market, our life can get very complicated and in the end we don’t know which one to decide.

A few years ago there were only a few that were sold by the brands themselves, but the number of possibilities we have is huge in that sense, not only because of the number of companies that currently sell car chargers, but also Because of the number of different types that we can find.

That is why it is not surprising and when a user decides to buy a device like this, the number of possibilities he gets, in the end he does not know very well which decision to take and in the end he is a The long haul is not what he really wants. I expected.

That’s why today we’re going to try to give you all the information you need so that you can buy the car charger that fits your needs and what you’re looking for.

Choosing the best car charger:

types of car charger

Currently, we can call there three types of mobile car chargerThe ones that go into the cigarette lighter, the ones that connect to the USB that the vehicle itself brings or the ones we keep in well-ventilated areas.

Within them where the cigarette lighter goes or the vehicle’s USB, there are many different possibilities in terms of charging. We can find them with one or more USB chargers, both Type A and Type C, some are illuminated with LED lights, and can be normal charging or fast charging.

For those that are placed in the air vents of the car, although there are still those that we are going to charge by cable, there are currently these types of chargers that come with wireless charging, including some models Includes which also come with charging. system fast.

In that sense, the only thing We have to decide which type of charger is best suited for the features of our vehicle And from there, decide whether we want it with more or less a USB port, if we decide on fast charging or whether it’s best to charge wirelessly.

RAMPOW Car ChargerAINOPE Usb Car Charger

fast and wireless charging

The two systems we’re going to talk about right now aren’t strictly necessary, but in many ways they are the best fit for everything that this world of chargers has to offer.

If our smartphone is compatible with any fast charging systemThe fact of being able to charge the phone to hundred percent in a very short amount of time is always going to be a huge advantage, as maybe we only need to let it run for a while and connect it to a car charger, we could have solved .

when we talk about a wireless charger It is clear that the smartphone has to be compatible with this type of system. If we have a mobile phone that can be charged in this way, then its biggest advantage will be the convenience of keeping the smartphone so that it gets electricity.

That is, we just have to put it on its base and it will start charging automatically without any kind of cable being plugged in.

But where we have a real revolution, there will be combination of both systems, This means that, if we have a wireless car charger with fast charging system, we will get speed and comfort at the same time.

HATALKIN Mag-SafeAnker Charger

not just for mobile

We dedicate the charger that we are looking for to recover the lost charge to our smartphone, but it may also be that we are going to use it to get other types of equipment recover energy.

If this is going to happen, in addition to being forced to buy a charger that goes into a cigarette lighter or is placed in a car’s USB port, it will also be necessary to have at least 2 different portswho is going to do us Charge two devices at the same time,

But if we are forced to install this type of charger, we should know that it should be a wise type. that is, of those who is able to identify what type of device is connected, In this way, manage the load with all the power available between all the devices.

It is highly recommended that fast charging is Or at least both the ports are capable of delivering the same power.

From our point of view we should buy a charger which At least it had 5V and 3A, which means it was 15 W . will be able to chargeSomething that some brands consider fast charging, but today, with speeds over 150W in some chargers, it’s not super fast at all.

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port type on mobile

If we intend to choose a wireless charger We ain’t gonna worry about the cables (Though it is always good to carry one), but when we are going to use any type of USB charger, as is normal, we need to know what type of port our mobile has.

This is necessary, as there are cases in which chargers already come with one or two cables and the logical thing is that they are valid for our smartphone.

It is very common for devices today to have a USB Type C port for charging, but they still exist and there are users who still have the previous MicroUSB type. So it is very important to be clear about this parameter of the smartphone.

We hope that thanks to the information we have given you, you will be able to buy the best charger for your mobile that you can use in the car.

You have all the data to be able to differentiate between what you already have and what your preferences might be.

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