Monday, June 5, 2023

VaCuba announces new package delivery offer from the United States to Cuba

Agency VaCubaIn Miami, has a new offering Parcel delivery from USA to CubaSo that their customers can send whatever they want to their relatives on the island, no matter what province in the country they live in.

It’s time to prepare the package for send to cuban, You can include all kinds of items or products. miscellaneous package They can be up to 44 pounds (lb).


How much does it cost to send a package from the United States of America to Cuba?

Cost of VaCuba package delivery Varies according to its weight and the destination where the postal package is to be delivered. The company offers its customers the option to choose from three sizes, 6.6 lb, 22 lb and 44 lb, although users can also create a package with their desired weight.

in case of sending Miscellaneous Packages for Havana6.6 pounds is worth $31, 22 pounds is priced at $89 and 44 pounds is priced at $169.

if the shipment is for the provinces There has been a slight increase in prices. In that case, the 6.6-lb package costs $33, the 22-lb package costs $95, and the 44-lb package costs $172.

What is allowed in miscellaneous packages for Cuba?

In Miscellaneous These include personal hygiene items, household cleaning items, shoes, clothing, jewelry, medicines, non-perishable food, among other things.

In the current economic crisis in Cuba, the Cuban government recently approved Importing more food products such as canned meats and sausages. All food should be well packaged.

Agency VaCuba guarantees its customers a fast and direct deliveryAt the doorstep of the package recipients in all the provinces of the country.

How to send parcels with VaCuba?

service VaCuba Parcel Delivery It is designed for residents of the United States or US citizens with relatives on the island who wish to send them all kinds of supplies.


The customer who wants to do the shipment should contact the commercial agency Phone 305-649-3491, They will attend to each case individually. VaCuba has eight offices in Florida. They are distributed throughout Miami, Hialeah, West Palm Beach and Tampa.

The agency’s head office is located in 2994 NW 7th St in Miami, Florida, USA, there is also Waquba Store Where customers can find various offers of durable goods, food, equipment in any Cuban province that are delivered to your family’s doorstep.

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