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Viagogo, is the ticket-buying website that scams those who use it

Viagogo is a website that encourages scams. It’s very easy to get scammed on this ticket resale platform for all kinds of shows, and that’s nothing new. This has been going on for years, and so far, no one has been able to stop the ongoing scam that Viagogo promotes daily.

The site advertises tickets for any show, be it sporting, musical, artistic, or otherwise. It is enough that an event is announced, so by now we probably already have tickets for the new date. This is impossible except on Viagogo, a fraudulent platform, and for this reason, there will be ticket offers from the first moment, even if the legitimate organization doesn’t even have them yet.

Ticket prices can go fivefold, but they also set you up with messages like “On sale today, and we’re out. Buy your tickets now. Prices are going up!” under pressure. The rush is useless, and this site knows it. That is why they post such slogans so that potential buyers do not have time to think and start buying on a platform where almost everything ends up being a scam. They play with the illusion and the desire to see a spectacle of the audience visiting the site that is always positioned at the top of Internet search engines.

Viagogo has used very aggressive marketing techniques for years, with timers constantly alerting you that you’re running out of time to buy and issues often unrelated to tickets, such as lost tickets. B. “Location or Visibility” that doesn’t It’s a common occurrence at events, and people who are new to the page click through.

Entries that do not exist

The only thing that is certain about Viagogo is that it is not a website for ticket sales but for resale between private individuals. “The world’s largest secondary ticketing platform for live events,” as it calls itself, warns, “It is our vendors who set the ticket prices that you see on our website, and those prices may be higher or lower than face value. And that’s no longer true because minors will never be. Older ones, of course, are up to five times the new price.

In any case, Viagogo is always a lottery where anything can happen, and it is highly unlikely that it will be good. Because those who operate there are offering tickets they don’t have, and if they do have them, they’re always going to inflate the prices. However, it is also possible that these tickets are duplicated, and you find yourself at the event surprised that someone with the same ticket has already been admitted to the venue. Fake tickets have also been sold directly on Viagogo, which will not only make you lose the money charged for them but also deny you access to the show.

You won’t know the price until you’ve already paid

If you decide to buy tickets on Viagogo, you have to follow a series of steps, even if they don’t exist yet. However, you won’t know the price of the tickets until you’ve already paid for them, another blatant scam. Those are the moments when you can prove that a ticket that costs 100 euros costs you 400 euros or more.

This is what leads us to rushes that were not, and with the “calm” of already having the tickets, many later look to other sites and confirm that they were fooled into paying much more. But it is also possible that the tickets you have bought will not allow you to enter the event, and you will only leave doubts if you go. Paying a very expensive ticket on Viagogo is no guarantee that you can get into a show.

They also encourage you to take time for yourself

You can say goodbye to the money you invested in the tickets, but Viagogo offers you an opportunity to resell tickets that you don’t know are useful for anything and that cost you a lot of money. The platform encourages you to offer the tickets purchased there at an even higher price than the already abusive price you paid.

But there’s moe, because it also encourages you to invent concepts of your own to justify this excessive increase in the tax rate, such as “management fees”, reservation,” or some other concept. Here’s the thing: whenever a ticket is sold on Viagogo, the site makes money, so it’s not a problem for them to buy expensive tickets and sell them for even more expensive ones—quite the opposite.

Viagogo, Is The Ticket-Buying Website That Scams Those Who Use It

Founded in London and headquartered in Switzerland,

This is their business, which enjoys the approval of people who know it is a fraudulent website but still participate in its shady business by reselling tickets. Founded in 2006 by Eric Baker in London, Viagogo has its headquarters in Switzerland and offices and servers around the world without being verified on its website.

Baker co-founded a similar company for the United States in 2000, StubHub, another shady ticket resale company serving 45 countries. In Spain, this is not the case with Viagogo’s effects, although they share the same goal: to monopolize the largest possible number of tickets to increase their price and bring the public in front of the official distribution channels.

Idle claims

Even big-name artists have occasionally denounced Viagogo’s fraudulent practices, and nothing has changed. Faced with blatant scams like those happening with Viagogo, many people have started making claims about the platform, which always gives up, alluding to their policy of mediation in buying and selling tickets: “We are a ticket resale site, and the price is not set by us.

They will tell you that they did not intervene and that it was you who bought it because you wanted it since they already reflect the conditions. They do this in a tiny spot on the page that goes unnoticed if desire prevails when buying a ticket. You can contact Viagogo, and there is a high probability that you will be answered, but you will never solve the problem, let alone get back the money you spent.

Professional look

Viagogo’s website looks professional and does not reveal the fraudulent practices that it later encourages. In it, tickets for any type of show are resold worldwide, so not only are there many victims, but they are spread all over the planet. Using emotion, illusion, and haste, the site is not afraid to display hoaxes like “only 2% tickets left” when they are not even legally available for sale.

Viagogo has been hosting scams everywhere for years, and thousands of people have fallen into the trap, yet not even by merging on victim platforms have they ever managed to disable the internet, which has been denounced and lamented countless times in different countries around the world and always ends up in Nothing.

Thousands of victims in Spain

“Viagogo is your ticket to freedom. It is an online marketplace that allows you to skip virtual queues and constantly updated pages. It saves you from buying tickets illegally and from the fear of missing out. It’s a secure site.” This allows sellers to set the price they choose, and buyers can’t miss the shows.”

They say this on the Viagogo site, where there are no complexes. It’s one of the most denounced websites in Spain and the world, and in 2017, it was even investigated by the Ministry of the Interior in our country, but there it goes further.

Everything stays the same

Reporting their practices doesn’t work, and there are those who have tried unsuccessfully to seek justice on platforms like, but at least those who enter that platform already know that there are groups that represent the site. The fact is that if you want to buy tickets for concerts, sports, or artistic performances, the best way is to go through official channels or platforms that offer us full guarantees.

Viagogo sells itself as a “safe site” and tries to justify this. However, despite the page’s appearance, it is a constant scam full of haste and misleading claims. He’s been on the internet for 17 years, and everything stays the same. So if the public knows what the site is really about, they will walk away. This seems like the best solution for a website that has been constantly scamming for years and promises to keep doing so.

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