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Voting Method: Legault accused of taking Quebecers “for fools” | Election Quebec 2022

Voting Method: Legault accused of taking Quebecers "for fools" |  Election Quebec 2022

Hearing François Legault say that it is only a matter of intellectuals, who does he think he is? To whom does he take us? What does he take the Quebecers for? for fools? People who have no education? Those who are unaware of the importance of democracy?

The words come from Jean-Pierre Charbonneau, former PQ Minister for the Reform of Democratic Institutions and chairman of the New Democracy Movement, who has been defending the establishment of a new voting system in Quebec since 1999.

Mr Charbonneau could not believe that François Legault so readily denies a cross-party agreement signed in 2018 while he was still in opposition.

Most of all, he is angry with her for placing the blame on the Quebecers’ shoulders, claiming they don’t want it. He contradicts himself and he insults himselfHe insists, accusing Mr Legault of misleading the population.

Former Politician And Journalist Jean-Pierre Charbonneau.

Jean-Pierre Charbonnaus, President of the New Democracy Movement

Photo: Radio-Canada / Olivier Lalande

, It’s funny, that he didn’t say that in the last election, and it’s not what he told us all the last years. It is quite shocking and contemptuous to hear him use that logic. ,

, a quote from Jean-Pierre Charbonneau, President of the New Democracy Movement

Sunday evening during the show Five leaders, one electionFrançois Legault actually explained that if his government dropped Bill 39 last year, it was because changing the voting system was not a priority.

This change in the voting system does not interest the population, except for a few intellectuals. Quebecers Aren’t InterestedHe dropped on prime time.

However, this claim has been refuted by several sources, starting with previous writings of their own political formation.

In 2016, a press release issued by CAQ was clear: There is often a big difference between seat sharing and vote sharing. It is not always very democratic. everyone came to the same conclusionThe party was written at that time.

, At CAQ, we are all of the opinion that the popular will is clearly not respected and that mixed proportional types of representation would better serve the interests of all Quebecers. ,

, a quote from Excerpt from the 2016 CAQ Press Release

In 2019, according to the results of a lager survey reported by Duty, 69% of respondents wanted François Legault to fulfill his promise to reform the voting system.

More than 60% also said they found it unfair that a party that won 37% of the vote could win 59% of the seats in the National Assembly and lead a majority government, as the CAQ did in 2018.

Following Mr Legault’s statement on Sunday, Radio-Canada received emails from viewers saying they were disappointed to hear that the CAQ leader did not take his interest in the reform.

, I am not an intellectual, as they say, and I am very interested in this. I believe it’s ok because [de ce] A system for which the least number of people will vote. ,

, a quote from Excerpt from a viewer’s email

benefitsRecognizes Legault

On Monday, François Legault was forced to return to the subject. He previously acknowledged that the proportional voting system provides advantages, as demonstrated by studies in political science.

In addition to reducing the distortion between the number of votes and the number of seats held by parties, the proportional voting system encourages voter participation by citizens.

However, Mr Legault quickly said that proportionality also has its disadvantages. It brings more minority governmentshe suggested.

Then he returned to his first argument: With the pandemic we have experienced for two and a half years, I am deeply convinced that the vast majority of Quebecers, when they list their priorities, do not have a voting system among their priorities.

An hour later, at a militant rally in Gatineau, comments gathered from his supporters proved him partially correct.

what is that?

A person on the spot said that he does not see it as a priority. In the same breath, he acknowledged, however, that the subject is not his cup of tea. You should explain it to me more.He confessed.

Asked if she would prefer a proportional voting system, a supporter of François Legault replied to Radio-Canada with titles such as: What is proportional voting system?

After a brief discussion showing that our current voting system allows us to collect less than 40% of the vote, but to gain a majority in the National Assembly, the 80-year-old woman quickly grasped the challenge: this is not right.

Should this be changed? For now, it can stay like thisHe replied, satisfied with the outgoing government.

Comey or Monopoly

It is on this front that the Parti Québécois (PQ) attacked François Legault. If he does not want to reform the voting system today, it is because the system benefits him, which was not the case when he was in opposition, believes PQ candidate in Matane-Matapedia, Pascal Berube .

staying in power is a priorityHe said with amazement. Like Monopoly, the fact of being able to have all the seats, all the land in Quebec is worrying.

Instead of inventing hypothetical reasons and inventing that this is intellectual business, they should simply assume and say: “I made myself Justin Trudeau. I made a commitment and I broke it”Quebec solider confirms Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois as co-spokesperson.

I invite Quebecers to take notes. François Legault, in the election campaign, promises things and once he comes to power, he decides whether he is ultimately interested or not.Rumble Mr. Nadeau-Dubois.

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