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We have already completed all the halves, and we have separated the existing warehouse of the company

We met all the couples we had, and they had to accept this kind of relationship, said these two people from Corues who were able to fulfill their company and the education of their two very close children. despite their divorce. There must be no third party, they point out

That the children are above all is easy to say, but it rarely applies to a divorce involved. Also getting along well with an ex-partner, is fine, it’s more complicated. But doing both while running a company with 50% family assets thirteen years after the split is nearly impossible. Almost, because yours y Juan Ro (54 and 60 years old) made triplets. After 22 years together and 17 married, these two people from Corues divorced in 2010 and, since then, despite the difficulties, they have done nothing but understand each other and agree on everything. For proof, this is the report. A few minutes were enough for both of them to agree to say what the recipe was for them to stay together even when separated. We can’t do anything but get along, because we have a half-baked company, this ex-marriage is a joke that matches so well that he even has a deal with his new partner.

Mara and Juan met in ’88 and They have been together for 22 years, until 2010. They got married in ’93, had their first daughter in ’95, and their second in 2001. Five years before divorcing, they decided to embark on an adventure to start a company. The year is 2005. And here we are, we continue the company —Protec Engineering, electrical installations—. Couples do not last forever, but hey, we always get along and we are both careful in that sense, so we talk about it and continue, says María, who does not hide that the first moment’s post-breakup mess: The first year was not easy for any of us, but our children came first, and so did the company. We decided to continue the business together and we didn’t liquidate assets or anything. We went on to finish everything in half and when we got divorced, we bought the warehouse that we have now. Juan endorsed it: We continue to be partners with absolutely everything. The accounts are common, we continue the works of 50%, so our financial situation has not changed anything. We have already made a leap into the void five years ago, and although we have a little support, it is always risky and the beginning is difficult. So, we didn’t give up and we continued, said Juan. As such, they are a rara avis.

As life goes on, both change it. Also in the sentimental field. Yet a bond that seemed to endure all was not broken. He has a partner, I have many, and we know them. We went out together, we walked the four of us with our partners… Well, that’s more than work, Juan interrupts him, which nevertheless shows that new partners should know how to deal with their relationship: It should also be that the person adjusts to the situation. Throwing a stone in the air can be more difficult in the case of women, who may have more jealousy and insecurity, although it happens to both men. Of course, it’s not easy, but it’s something they have to take… You have to understand it, if you want to understand it. And, if not, we have to decide what needs to be decided.

Their children often see that they have a good relationship with their parents. I think it is important that there are no third parties in our divorce on either side., because that will help a lot to avoid resentment in that sense. In the end, how many years have they been, there is respect. We look at each other and we know very well what each one is thinking, says María, who does not describe her relationship with Juan as fraternal, but almost: A few years ago I broke my arm, we broke up, and the person I called to help me change and go to the doctor went to the doctor., who lives near the house. I think I know we have a lot of confidence in that sense. And I looked at him and, damn, to me he was total family.

Will the fact of building a company make the divorce a little more difficult? It has a lot to do with it, they say. Their company has grown so much and now they don’t even share a plant, but when we started, the four of us were together in the office all day and there are many problems when you start a journey like that, so you bring the problems to home company and from home to company. In addition, the children are small and there is a lot of struggle at the economic level as well … There are many things, says María, who admits that it is very serious. It is very difficult for me to disconnect from work and compartmentalize things. Some people keep companies and are married, to me it is admirable. Maybe we should have broken up, I don’t know, but in our case, I think there was an influence. From the outside, it seems that it is more difficult than the business while married to maintain it while divorced.

In the end, the love we have had for many years won, and of course, united by our children, they said. Also in the decisions that concern them, they act as a common front. There are no cracks, we act like we are married in that sense. For you, for us, and for everyone said John.

What is their relationship then? Friends, coworkers, or all at the same time? Man, the relationship is so obvious. We are not friends, what is called a friend, because I consider friendship as something else, but I do know that it is on a level more or less equal to friendship. Ours is a bond based on sincerity, truth, and values ​​that I believe every relationship should have. And it’s very close because we have two children and a company, which always gives you something to talk about. With this, except for the weekend, when we see each other with a few exceptions, the rest is pretty much five days a week according to Juan, who said that they don’t usually go out for fun, the only times they see common friends from their marriage or the business trips they go on, even with a partner if that’s the case .

Doesn’t a couple’s love last forever? I’m not like that, get rid of Mara. Juan—who is currently in a relationship—is more optimistic: Well, like everything, it will be fine. And just because we’re together doesn’t mean it’s done well, hey, that many couples are about to be together.

The one that lasts, and they have no doubts about that, is the love of family. And theirs is more united than many living under one roof.

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