We'll never win the World Cup: Mexico's Under-17s in 2005

We’ll never win the World Cup: Mexico’s Under-17s in 2005

“Ah, this guy is crazy because he says he wants to be world champion!”, were the words Jesus Ramirez repeated to the press on September 12, the day his U17 team left for Lima, Where on September 2, with 21 players and a great coaching staff, will achieve one of the greatest achievements of Mexican football.

“We will never win the World Cup” was the phrase that Chucho tried to drive out of the minds of his team, which he worked on off the field, because the talent was there; Anyone who spent 30 minutes watching that group realized the quality of that team.

Same happened with me when they asked me to follow this team. It was not only in the final instance of that 2005 World Cup, but several months before, facing the World Cup, which was held in Culiacan. So I wrote my first pages as a reporter; I was lucky enough to have a correspondent already in Europe and to meet Giovanni who dazzled with his game.

Somehow, I had my doubts. It never shone in the World Cup, why should it be any different now? After the first training session and my first conversation with Chucho, it was clear to me: I was facing the best Mexican team I had ever seen.

So, together with photographer Etzel Espinoza, we set off on an adventure to Lima, Peru, where only a few other media outlets (both television stations) supported this team. Enjoy those days like few things in my life. For the first (and only) time I felt part of a group; It could not be otherwise. It was a team that wrapped you up, that made you another. So much so, that in the title game against Brazil I managed to sneak onto the field, and melt into a giant hug with them.

It was called ‘Generation Zero’ ‘Golden’ It seemed that winning the World Cup for Mexico was a watershed. Ten years later, few have stood out, but their contribution to Mexican football is undeniable: Vela, Moreno and Giovanni are living proof that you can make a difference, if you dream, want and work. If yes then you can be successful.

“On October 2 (the day of the Sub 17 finals), I see myself celebrating with the boys, having achieved the goal we have set for ourselves and bringing happiness to Mexico. The boys are sure that things can happen, they have done a great job and we are going in with good hopes of reaching the World Cup final and winning it; that should be the mentality because just pretending is pointless”, Chucho said on 12 September.

I believed in him, and we were back as champions. Please, let’s dream again, let’s believe again, let’s win a World Cup, but a bigger one. Let’s dare to say it, feel it. After all, there is no cost to dreaming.






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