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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

What is invisible training: 4 keys to performing better in sports practice

Invisible training is everything an athlete does between one training session and another (Getty Images)

Like every aspect of our lives, we know that We have to train to improve. we also know that exercise Body allows us prevent and control diseases Such as obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

what we don’t know is exercise is only the visible part This equation and that the athlete does everything outside of their training, such as rest, nutrition and hydration, are of equal importance and the optimization of their performance depends on it.

invisible training es Everything we do when we’re not training and what does he have direct impact on our performance in the competition. It is the result of everything we do before, during and after a competition or training.

The Key To This Type Of Training Used By Elite Athletes (Getty Images)
The key to this type of training used by elite athletes (Getty Images)

“Food is one of these factors that plays a fundamental role for better performance in sports,” he explained. Infobe Diego Sivori, Nutritionist and Director of Nutrition Career Wait! This is the reason that nutrition And this exile, essential walk the street together To perform well or simply to feel good.

“To optimize performance, we must ensure adequate nutrition. enough You moderate According to price You Qualityinclusion of foods from different groups”, added Sivori.

in that line, Pablo Ferrero (MN 119,738), sleep medicine specialist and director Ferrero Institute of Neurology and Sleep, Emphasized: “These groups have to consume adequate amounts of needed to meet energy requirements and micronutrients. Planning so that your diet is more nutritious will be a fundamental pillar of success.”

4 keys to better performance and healthier living

According To Experts, It Is Recommended To Consume Versatile Foods That Support Muscle Recovery And Regeneration By Balancing Key Nutrients Like Carbohydrates Or Proteins (Getty Images)
According to experts, it is recommended to consume versatile foods that support muscle recovery and regeneration by balancing key nutrients like carbohydrates or proteins (Getty Images)

1. Eat Versatile Foods

As an accomplice to the game, it is advised that versatile foods that because of its balance of key nutrients, such as Carbohydrate hey proteinSupport muscle recovery and regeneration. Some examples can be milk, nuts, legumes, eggs, ricotta, fruit (ideally transportable), portions of fresh cheese, among others.

“At the same time, like many other aspects of life, it’s about Teamwork and Interdisciplinary Either because it aims to improve body composition or learn how to supplement training appropriately, nutritionists, together with physical education teachers, will be our partners to promote Adequate recovery, avoid and prevent injuries, and build solid strategies for specific needs”, emphasized Sivori.

In his recommendations for eating while exercising, Mayo Clinic Made several recommendations. If we exercise in the morning, it is ideal Wake up early To finish breakfast at least an hour before your workout. Feed well before exercising. Studies show that eating or drinking carbohydrates before exercise can improve training performance and allow you to exercise longer or more intensely. If we do not eat, we may feel lethargic or dizzy in the middle of training.

Diet Has A Direct Effect On Factors Such As Recovery, Muscle Fatigue Or The Presence Of Injuries (Kristin Kloss/Dpa)
Diet has a direct effect on factors such as recovery, muscle fatigue or the presence of injuries (Kristin Kloss/DPA)

2. Hydration

essential nutrients, Water plays a fundamental role, as there is a good state of hydration before, during and after exercise Essential for maintaining good health. “Even mild dehydration can impair sports performance: after all, it is the most important component of our body, because Represents 60% of an adult’s weight and aids in the elimination of toxins, replenishment of mineral salts and transport of nutrients. Eating right, that’s all, ”said the expert.

marathon runner santiago garcia Recommended, “Before and after training, stay hydrated” and this, “Not just for athletes, but you have to stay properly hydrated before training. Carry water with you throughout the day or know where to drink it. Drink water before starting training. If the training is long, that is, more than thirty minutes, then you should drink water before completing it.

Within Essential Nutrients, Water Plays A Fundamental Role, As A Good State Of Hydration Before, During And After Exercise Is Essential To Maintaining Good Health (Getty Images)
Within essential nutrients, water plays a fundamental role, as a good state of hydration before, during and after exercise is essential to maintaining good health (Getty Images)

3. Learn about nutrition and training from trusted sources

it is original Focus on combining diet with training And thus, increase its benefits. “In the age of digital communication and the plethora of information, which is far from clear to us panoramas, sometimes confuses us even more, it is proposed Strengthening commitment to sport and community through reliable sourcesthrough demonstration of the foundations and principles of sports nutrition by health professionals”, said Ferrero.

Nutritionist Romina Perrero agreed on the need to always ask yourself “Who is providing this information. Is there a registered professional? An authoritative body? Who’s signing the article? Are there any other additional sources of advice? ? and he insisted: “I invite you to always use critical thinking, Ask Questions, Allow Yourself Doubts and Consult the Professionals serious” to start both a workout and a diet to lose weight, it is necessary to do “A balanced eating plan, increasing some physical exercise”Working on emotions and with medical treatment”, he said.

&Quot;Getting An Adequate Amount And Quality Of Sleep Is High On The List Of Recovery Strategies For High-Performance Athletes.  (Getty Images)
“Getting enough quality sleep is high on the list of recovery strategies for high-performance athletes” (Getty Images)

4. Relax

In turn, good sleep and rest are an essential basis for good performance. “If you can’t get enough sleep, Dedication and training hours are wasted in food”, He added.

Brain And this nervous system central drama An essential role in optimal physical performance. According to the expert, “Every step we do depends on the impulses of the brain of the central nervous system. Have gold in sufficient quantity and quality One of the first items on the list of recovery strategies of high performance athletes.

“Minimum sleep (less than or equal to 6 hours) for 4 days has been shown to affect cognitive (thinking) function and mood. all physical activity, professional or recreational, It requires the ability to process information, react, maintain concentration and motivation. If you don’t get enough sleep these functions are affected.” Ferrero.

There is an abnormality in the sleep cycle result of modern life The world’s population has reduced the number of hours they sleep, and this produces Deterioration in health both physically and mentally. Sleep deprivation creates restlessness or mental lethargy and also increases the risk of adopting unhealthy lifestyles (eg smoking, increased intake of uneaten food, postponing responsibilities) and alters mood stability,” explained the pulmonologist. Mira Castro, Sleep specialist and member of the Sleep, Oxygen Therapy and Ventilatory Assistance Committee of the Argentine Association of Respiratory Medicine.

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