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What is the correct shoe size from the USA to Mexico for children?

To know what the correct shoe size is from the USA to Mexico for children, we bring you a handy table where you can see what the equivalence is between one number and another and what the differences are in the American system to convert them to the Mexican system. In addition, we give you practical tips so that you can choose the right shoe size for your little one. If you follow this to the letter, there will be no failure.

The sizing system, or number of shoes, is very different in the United States and Mexico. In America the sizes are always based on inches, while in Mexico they are therefore based on centimeters Confusion when buying shoes online, for example, or in shops that sell shoes from both countries.

In order to determine the correct size of children’s shoes and to convert measurements between different systems, you must first measure the child’s foot in centimeters. To measure the feet, you can use a ruler or a special device. Make sure you measure both, as sometimes one is larger than the other. In general, shoe size in Mexico is roughly the measurement of the foot in centimeters minus a number or two.

For example, if your child’s foot is 16 cm, the Mexican size could be 14 or 15, also with half numbers, so 14.5 or 15.5. Meanwhile, shoe sizes in the United States vary and are usually larger. To avoid complications, follow a simple size conversion method From the USA to Mexico, just add 10 or 11 to the US size for kids.

That means if it’s 5 in America, it might be around 15 or 16 in Mexico. However, to make it easier for you, We leave you this table of shoe size equivalents between the United States and Mexico:

Equivalence Table For Children'S Shoes

Always keep in mind that shoe sizes vary by brand and style. Therefore, it is best to try on children’s shoes before buying them. Keep in mind that shoe sizes tend to be slightly larger in the United States than in Mexico, so they may be more spacious for you.

Differences between the American and Mexican shoe sizing systems for children

In the United States, children’s shoe sizes are measured in inches from heel to longest toe. Sizing starts at size 1 (10 inches) and goes up to size 13 (12 inches). Instead, in Mexico, The size of children’s shoes is measured in centimeters, right from the heel to the longest toe. They start at size 18 (18 cm) and go up to size 35 (35 cm).

The main difference between the two systems is that the American sizes are slightly larger than the Mexican ones. For example, a child’s size 8 in the United States is roughly equivalent to a size 25 in Mexico. Another difference is this since American sizes are based on an inch system They can easily be converted to centimeters, however, Mexican sizes cannot be converted to inches in the same way.

It’s very easy Do the multiplication or conversion from inches to centimeters because it practically gives the exact number in the Mexican system, but the other way around it will be an approximate number and this can lead to more confusion if you don’t get a number that’s in one of the equivalence tables, so it’s better around the little one’s foot to eat.

Therefore, it is best to measure the little one’s foot to choose the right size children’s shoes. A tape measure or ruler is used for this. Measure the child’s foot very well from the heel to the longest toe and once you have measured it, You can use a size chart to find the most suitable one. Choose shoes that are snug but not too tight. The child should be able to move their fingers easily.

Shoes are an important part of children’s clothing, besides, they not only protect themselves with them, They are also essential for their physical and motor development. Therefore, it is important to choose the right shoes for children based on these tips:

  1. Choose shoes that are the right size. Shoes should be snug but not too tight. Your child’s toes should move easily in the shoe.
  2. Choose comfortable shoes. Note that the shoes are soft and flexible, allowing children to move freely and not cause injuries or blisters.
  3. Look for shoes with good grip. Shoes must support the foot well and not be loose on the straps to prevent slipping.
  4. Choose shoes with good cushioning. Shoes with good cushioning inside and on the sole help to absorb shock and thus protect the child’s feet.
  5. Always have the right shoes for every activity. Sports shoes (tennis or sneakers) must have specific characteristics for the activity to be performed. For example, it is impossible for them to exercise in formal shoes.
  6. Take your child to try on the shoes. This is the most important point: the child must try on the shoes before buying them. This will ensure that they fit well and are really comfortable.
  7. Consider your child’s lifestyle. If the child is very active, they need shoes that are a little more durable and offer good support. If it’s quieter, you can choose more comfortable shoes or less formal models.
  8. Don’t get carried away by fashion. It’s happening faster than you can imagine, and perhaps the design of such a modern shoe can cause some discomfort. The most important thing is to choose comfortable and safe footwear.

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