What is the venue of the 2023 Women's Champions League final and where will it take place in the coming years?

What is the venue of the 2023 Women’s Champions League final and where will it take place in the coming years?

Barcelona and Wolfsburg will play in the Women’s Champions League Grand Final this Saturday, June 3 at 4:00PM ET, at the PSV Stadium in Eindhoven, Netherlands. With a capacity of 35,119 people, the legendary manor of the Rude-Vitan team was chosen as the venue for Europe’s top women’s competition in 2021, when UEFA announced the venues for the final for three consecutive years.

Follow Barcelona – Wolfsburg live: Women’s Champions League final

Inaugurated in 1910, the PSV stadium has a long history of important matches, including the 1978 UEFA Cup Final, specifically their second leg, and the 2006, UEFA Super Cup second leg. UEFA of 1988 and three other shocks of the Eurocopa 2000.

For women’s competitions, the PSV Manor hosted 30,238 people for the Netherlands – Northern Ireland match on 6 April 2018 in Oranje en route to the 2019 World Cup. Already in 2019 it recorded an attendance of 30,640 spectators, the highest from the Netherlands. That time, for a local friendly against Australia.

This time on June 3, during the final between Barcelona and Wolfsburg, this record is expected to be broken as 34,100 seats have arrived.

Where is the 2024 Women’s Champions League final being played?

In 2021, when the venue for the 2022 Women’s Champions League final (Turin) was announced, in 2023 those venues, the aforementioned PSV Stadion, and 2024, when San Mames (Bilbao, Spain) will host the great party of the max. continental competition.






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