What would be the reasons for Lionel Messi to choose one of these three clubs as his next destination

What would be the reasons for Lionel Messi to choose one of these three clubs as his next destination

FC Barcelona, ​​Inter Miami or Al Hilal. Those are the three clubs who want Leo Messi next season.

The player was released after completing the season with Paris Saint-Germain and since then football pundits have not stopped speculating about his future.

Obviously, Messi’s priority will be a return to FC Barcelona, ​​a club that has already received approval for a viability plan To regularize their financial position, a condition for their possible return.

In Barcelona, ​​the sports press reported a meeting with the player’s father, who is his representative.

Messi, however, visited Saudi Arabia a few weeks back and it is speculated that Al-Hilal will make a tough bid for the Argentine player with an offer of several million dollars.

Too There is speculation about Inter Miami, a club that plays in MLS, the American Professional Soccer League.,

While this last option may not be the most lucrative for money, those following the case believe Messi may opt for Miami to guarantee a quiet life for his family and, in some way, his career. Close to original Argentina.

Leo Messi is 35 years old today and during his playing career he has played professionally for only two clubs, Barcelona and PSG as well as the Argentina national team.

What is the most plausible future for Leo Messi? What will weigh more in your choice?

Javier Rodríguez, a sports journalist for the specialized portal Relevo, spoke on the program NTN24 Questions of Power about Messi’s future. And what reasons would he have for choosing one of the three clubs he is associated with.

The journalist confirmed that Barcelona favor the emotional factor and the quality of football that he can offer Messi who has shown that he is still at a high sporting level.

“But there is an obstacle and that is that Barcelona will have to sell two assets in attack. Messi will have to wait a long summer to assure them that he can play in the team”, he assured.

Regarding the Saudi club, Rodríguez indicated that it had a huge amount of money to offer Messi.

“The balance is greater than the drawdown on the Saudi side. (…) Money is also important for their environment and family”, he insisted.

The journalist conceded that “silver weighs more” for Messi when deciding on the club he will play for. “Also, if he chooses (the Spanish club) he will go to a new team where I think he will not feel as comfortable as he did last year at Barcelona.”

Regarding the option of playing for Inter Miami, Rodríguez believes that “the one who most wants to go” is United States’ Antonella. Messi’s wife, “but on a football and emotional level Barcelona offers him more and offers more in billion money.”

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