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Where should you put WiFi at home to improve the signal

Knowing where to place the Wi-Fi router in the home is a very simple action that can significantly improve your Wi-Fi signal. By being in the right place, you will be able to improve the WiFi coverage so that you can enjoy internet connection better than ever.

There are details that affect poor WiFi coverage, that is, they interfere with the WiFi signal, and they must be taken into account because only knowing what they are, it is possible to take measures to avoid them as much as possible and so that if they are sorted out we can see real improvement

One of the aspects that you can easily improve, if not the only one, is the location of the router. By paying attention to this detail you can start to notice an improvement, it may be small, but it is significant if it is accompanied by other aspects that also improve WiFi coverage.

keep the router away from electrical equipment

The premise of keeping a WiFi router away from any electrical device is something you should already know. Whenever possible, it is important to place the router in a location where there are no appliances or other electrical equipment that could reduce the WiFi signal.

Hence it is advised to keep them away from stereos, TVs, cordless phones, computers and other equipment. One of the most influential is the microwave, so if you can avoid placing it near the router, so much the better as it can interfere significantly.

But keep in mind that it is not always possible to comply with it, and in that case, it is best to separate the router as much as possible from that electrical equipment, if you have no other option, then only you can be more or less good. get the signal.

avoid hidden or very closed places

Another aspect to be taken into account when locating a Wi-Fi router to be well detected and offer a good signal is the characteristics of its location, and this includes avoiding a hidden place or a very closed place where the signal is very weak. Can and doesn’t give good coverage.

That is, you should avoid enclosing the router behind an armchair, under a table, behind a monitor, or inside a box, etc. Despite the fact that routers are not very aesthetically pleasing, it is not a good idea to hide them so what you get is not good WiFi.

put the router in high places

Another recommendation to keep in mind for placing the router and that it has a good WiFi signal is to place it in a medium-high area of ​​the room where it will be, although it is not attached to the ceiling, which means you can place it on the floor. Or refuse to put very few on the table.

The ideal would be to place it on top of a table high enough off the ground so that it is in the central area of ​​the room. What is completely disposable is to ground it, if possible, so you will lose part of the Wi-Fi signal for which it is needed.

near where you’re going to use WiFi

Keeping all of the previous recommendations in mind, something simple to try if you meet them or if you can’t meet any of them is to find the router near the location where you want to take advantage of the WiFi signal. going, the further away you are, the lower the signal and the weaker it will come to you

What doesn’t make sense is, for example, you put the router in one corner of a room and you’re using your PC and mobile phone with WiFi in the other corner of the next room, your ability According to locate the router is better if you have no chance to move.

What about it that when you are going to use a device that needs a WiFi signal to connect to the internet, is that you are as close as possible to the router, if you have it with you Likely to be placed near work table or rest area when you use your mobile, you will have good coverage.

If you can’t follow some of the above tips, or if you can only do some of them and you can’t improve WiFi coverage, you can always use WiFi repeaters to “repeat” the signal. wherever you need an internet connection. ,

If you want something more advanced, you should consider WiFi Mesh, another technology that takes WiFi connectivity to another level, although we’d guess they’re more expensive network devices and with somewhat more complex configurations. There are, but they usually work very well.

There is no doubt that in order to enjoy a good signal you should always place the WiFi router at home in specific places, so that it is stable and strong, however this parameter is not the only one of the parameters that you should already take into account. I should put in discussed earlier.

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