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Which is the best day to buy dollars?

buy dollars There is a “tradition” on the part of Argentine savers that has led to high inflation You devaluation The Argentine currency suffered. For this reason, many savers wonder what is Best day to get North American currency.

Which is the best day to buy dollars?

In the case of dollar savings, In terms of price, there is no “best day” buy dollars. It is also very likely that, as the days go by, the savings dollars will be a little more “expensive”. daily depreciation What does he do BCRA.

for “time”, i.e., to withdraw the least crowded days in banks american currency, This usually happens in the middle of the month. This is explained because Many people charge at the beginning of the month and others at the end of mess, So that between” some people do Operation.

The best days to buy blue dollars are at the end of the month

In the case of dollar blue, Although it’s not always the case, the best days buy dollars It’s on my end.

This is because the amount of “Purchase” Operations becomes quite low, because few people have money buy forex, especially since most people saving potential They buy them at the beginning of the month.

In addition, there is also a factor of many companies and/or businesses. they sell their dollars for payment of wages, inputs, other things, so that, More supply and less demand, fall in price.

What day and time can you buy dollars?

depending on the market it will be bond what will we have for buy dollars. In the case of dollar savings, we can work In general, from our homebanking until 6:00 pm.

in that case Let’s buy dollars through the window, This event is limited to 3:00 PM, so we must go to the bank early Since, after that time, they will not sell us dollars, even if we entered the bank before that time.

Over the counter buying and selling of foreign currency is enabled on business days till 3:00 pm

Over the counter buying and selling of foreign currency is enabled on business days till 3:00 PM

In both cases, we only work on business days that is, Monday to Friday except holidays and non-working days.

if we go exchange rate “bag” or MEP, Timings are from 11 am to 5 pm. This also applies on business days.

On the other hand, in the case of dollar blue, This will depend on each operator, as it is not a regulated market. However, in general, they usually work from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and in some cases from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays.

Similarly, as we just mentioned, there is no fixed schedule and even there are people who work under medium of distribution Expanding more schedule to operate.

Crypto dollar has no time limit

Crypto Dollar has no hourly limit, however, depending on the day, the volume of operations can be higher or lower

Finally, in the case that we buy “Crypto Dollar” We will not have any kind of deadline, however, in general, on certain days and times, such as at night on December 31st, p2p platform, Very few people will be working.

When can’t you buy dollars?

las restrictions for the purchase of dollars, In terms of days and hours, it is generally applied to dollar purchases in the official market, such as dollar savings, or through Share Market, as is the case MEP Dollars.

As we mentioned in the previous section, borders There are holidays and non-working days in addition to the previously detailed schedule.

How much is the most dollars you can buy?

Presently, by order of the National Government, maximum allowed for buy dollar savings it is $200 per calendar month, However, it exchange rate It has many limitations.

Savings dollar purchases are limited to u$s200, although it is limited to said shares.

Savings dollar purchases are limited to u$s200, although it shares a “quota” with spending in foreign currency with credit cards

Also, if they are made that limit is reduced. spending in foreign currency By credit card and/or debit card, provided payment is made with Argentine Peso. In this case, the card is deducted from the spend purchase limit.

For example, if in the month we spent 300 USD, it would not be possible in that month buy dollar savings And, in the next month, we can only buy USD 100.

In the case of the blue dollar, no purchase limit, So the only “restriction” would be the amount of pesos that we have in cash to be able to buy those dollars. However, some of its operators exchange rate They accept other means of payment such as Mercado Pago or bank transfer.

in regard of crypto dollar, The limit is per seller only, i.e. the amount of crypto you have for sale. However, if this amount is insufficient, you can make multiple purchases from different vendors until you meet the amount you want.

In the case of crypto dollar in national exchanges and MEP Dollars, limit is the amount we can justify supporting document Such as salary receipts, receipt of retirement assets, among others.

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