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Who was the so-called “Milwaukee Monster” Jeffrey Demer featured in the controversial Netflix series?

Who was the so-called "Milwaukee Monster" Jeffrey Demer featured in the controversial Netflix series?

There were a total of 17 victims. from 1978 to 1991, American Jeffrey Dahmer He killed 17 people in such a brutal and gruesome manner that he was dubbed the Milwaukee Cannibal (after the city where he committed most of his crimes).

and though . recent history of America Filled with serial killers who have caused the deaths of hundreds of people, the truth is that the methods Dahmer used – not only to end the lives of his victims but also to dispose of their bodies – have earned him attention. has attracted the attention of expert criminals and the general public.

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Dozens of television series, movies, and plays have been made about his life and crimes, not counting the texts he wrote, from reports to books with testimonies from his high school classmates.

The last of these products premiered on the streaming platform NetflixA ten-part series that explores Dahmer’s crimes, but also part of his childhood and his teens, is titled “Monster: The Jeffrey Demar Story”,

However, its premiere has not been without criticism. To a large extent, Because many believe that the narrative of the series does not take into account the perspective of the victims.,

“If the show benefited them in any way, it wouldn’t feel so harsh and neglected. It’s sad that they’re just making money out of this tragedy. It’s just greed,” said Errol Lindsay’s sister, Rita Isbell. , one of them hunting asphalt…

The series stars Evan Peters. (Netflix).

But who was Jeffrey Demar and why are his crimes still garnering public attention?

a “normal” childhood

One of the issues that caught the attention of police officers and doctors treating Asphalt is that unlike most serial killers, the man did not go through a traumatic childhood of abuse and abuse.

He was born in May 1960 in the state of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States,

His father, Lionel Demar – who visited him in prison even after his criminal act became known – was a chemist and his mother, Joyce Annette, worked as a telegraph operator.

According to several biographies, including one published by A&E Channel, some of his teachers began to notice a change in Jeffrey’s disposition. when he was about 10 years old, and he told about his father not being at home much and his mother suffering from mental illness,

However, it was in his teens that he began to display some of the behaviors that would mark the years in which he committed murders.

As shown in the Netflix series, Dahmer was always interested in dissecting dead animals.

He took many of them from people who were hit by vehicles on the highways near his house.

Dahmer'S Father, Lionel, Worked As A Chemist.  (Getty Images).
Dahmer’s father, Lionel, worked as a chemist. (Getty Images).

The woman who was later her father’s partner, Shari Dahmer, told the magazine Time Who Knew Dahmer He used the acid to thin the soft tissues of animals and extract bones, a practice he would apply to the bodies of his victims.

According to Dahmer’s own account before the authorities, which was later published in local reports, his parents’ divorce, which occurred when he was about to graduate from high school, deepened that sense of abandonment. What his teachers had seen in childhood. ,

And it is in this period that he commits his first murder: In June 1978, he killed 18-year-old Steven Hicks, who was on his way to a concert near the site where Asphalt lived.,

Dahmer, who was also 18 at the time, found him driving his car on a nearby street and offered to take Hicks to the concert, but first invited him to his house for a drink.

While there, he hit his head twice with the weight he used to exercise. Dahmer would explain to the police many years later that the reason he killed Hicks was that he was eager to go to concerts and did not want to keep him company.

serial killing

With Hicks he also began a gruesome ritual with the bodies of his victims: he dismembered them, diluted the parts in acid and then stored the bones formed after the destruction of the soft parts.

In the case of Hicks, which would be repeated with other victims, Dahmer, according to his own statement, kept his head full so that he could contemplate it alone.

No Damer crimes were heard again for almost nine years. He went to Ohio University, from where he was expelled after studying only one semester due to his absence and low academic average.

His father, who has given several interviews about his son, states that after he was expelled from the university, he sent him into the army, but was also fired because of his alcohol addiction.

In 1981, Dahmer moved to live with his grandmother in a house outside Milwaukee. There he had his first sexual encounters with other men, devoting himself to gay bars repeatedly and was unemployed for a long time, partly due to his addiction to drinking.

A Coroner'S Officer Discovers The Remains Of Steven Hicks Under The House That Dahmer Was 18 Years Old.  (Getty Images).
A coroner’s officer discovers the remains of Steven Hicks under the house that Dahmer was 18 years old. (Getty Images).

In November 1987 he committed his second murder: that of a 25-year-old man, Steven Tuomi. According to the testimony he testified during his trial after he was caught, Dahmer met Tuomi at a bar and convinced him to accompany her to a hotel room.

Dahmer explains in his testimony that he does not remember how he killed Tuomi, who awoke. The next day the jawan had a lifeless body and injury marks on his hands.

From there he would begin a series of murders that followed a similar modus operandi: Dahmer met a young man at a bar, took him home – first to a room in his grandmother’s house, but his grandmother eventually took him from there. and the man will eventually rent a cheap apartment in downtown Milwaukee—where he drugged his victim and then strangled her.

At first she brought home the men she seduced in bars, But then he started paying them to pose naked for her.

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Once the murder was complete, Dahmer disassembled the body and tried to preserve its parts by placing them in the refrigerator or by immersing them in substances such as saline solution.

These dismantling and conservation works were carried out in the apartment they rented in downtown Milwaukee and despite frequent complaints from neighbors about the smell and strange sounds, The authorities failed to find him for more than five years.

a survivor

In July 1991, Dahmer convinced Tracy Edwards, a 32-year-old black man, to accompany him to his house to take some pictures of him in exchange for $100.

Dahmer Was Killed By Another Prisoner While Serving A Sentence In A Us Prison (Getty Images).
Dahmer was killed by another prisoner while serving a sentence in a US prison (GETTY IMAGES).

However, as he explained in the trial, which happened shortly after, Edwards discovers Demar’s plansmanaged to escape from the apartment and caught the attention of two policemen, who immediately went to the place.

There, after discovering some photographs of mutilated bodies, Asphalt was arrested.

In addition to admitting that he had killed 11 people in his statement to police, Milwaukee officials found at least four of his victims’ heads, a heart and a barrel-like human remains soaked in acid, among other macabre . apartment. conclusion.

In his testimony, Dahmer admitted that he had committed acts of cannibalism and necrophilia with the bodies of his victims.

After a short trial, Dahmer was found guilty of at least 15 murders and sentenced to the same number of life sentences. He was sent to the Ohio State Prison.

He died two years later in the middle of a prison fight after being hit on the head by another cellmate.

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