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Will Smith tries to be perfect

Will Smith tries to be perfect

Will Smith’s superpower as a performer – as a movie star – has always been his radiating charisma. Who else could reliably portray Muhammad Ali, the most charismatic person in the world? In King Richard, Smith transforms this gift into something more subtle but just as powerful as Richard Williams, the father of Venus and Serena. (Smith, he wanted to admit, was supported in the film by Sania Sidney as Venus, Demi Singleton as Serena and Onjanue Ellis as the girls ‘mother and Williams’ wife at the time, Oracen Price.) bowed, but not beaten. He limped from a racist attack as a child; his posture is tense, a little unsure, as if he is always ready to not strike. He’s the one who spent time under the outsider. And yet, when it comes to Williams’ daughters and his dream of tennis greatness for them, Smith endows his character with his trademark on-screen self-confidence. Smith, 53, who published his research memoir Will this fall, has been able to express these disparate features so effectively that he credits work based on the book, which he recently invested in himself. “I couldn’t have played Richard Williams this way,” Smith says, “if I hadn’t studied my life and understood so many aspects of my childhood and how it influenced the decisions I made as a parent.”

In King Richard, there is a key scene in which Richard Williams recounts how, as a child, he was beaten by a gang of white men and saw his father running away rather than helping him. Ostensibly reluctance to repeat this act of cowardice influenced his behavior towards his daughters. In your book, you write about how your dad hit your mother and how the cowardice you felt over non-interference subsequently influenced your own behavior. When it came time to play Richard Williams, did you connect these situations? Absolutely. As an actor, you try to find the aspects of the character that you understand best. So I could treat Richard Williams the same way I treated my father. I could understand both of their feelings of disrespect. They felt unsupported and disrespectful, and that was central to both of them. I started to find all these parallels, and as a result, I became a better actor during this time. I wrote my memoirs when I was working on King Richard. These two things went together. My acting ability has expanded over the past 18 months. This is one of the most exponential leaps in emotional understanding I have ever had.

A good game can be such an intangible thing. What do you see as evidence of improvement? Basically, play is something that you can understand emotionally. And when you understand it emotionally, do you understand it enough to feel it and create interesting behavior around you? Sort of like Richard Williams’ walk: you can now mimic someone’s walk and look authentic. it fully it’s different when you know why a person is hunched over compared to his comedy version, which just mimics it. Understanding what the jump happened: When you know why Richard Williams’ left leg hurts, what happened to the spike that went through it, then, as an actor, it is 90 percent of the iceberg that lies beneath the surface. When you have programmed it deeply, these things have appropriate vibrations for the audience that they are not even aware of.

What does your walk say about you? Ha! I think if you analyzed my gait eight years ago, there would be two things: my gait is really fast and high. I am trying to create a joyful image, and this is because I realized a long time ago that how you enter space will determine how the space reacts to you. So my walk is enjoyable, but at the same time, it is somewhat performative and preventive. It’s like I don’t want anyone to feel like they have to punch me in the face. I want to go into the room and find as many friends as possible.

You said eight years ago. Does your gait say something different now? At the moment, I am comfortable in my body. I am okay with the fact that everything is not going perfectly. I don’t need to look right. When I enter, I no longer think about what people think. It is much less performative and conscious.

Being a parent and husband is a kind of activity. How did you feel about these Richard Williams personalities, and how might they differ from the way you, Will Smith, perform them? Richard Williams wants to earn respect, but he’s not trying to get approval. When I started out, there was a part of me that was desperate for the world’s approval. It permeates everything. I wanted mine children unite to get the approval of the world. Richard Williams: Quite different. He taught his children that they are more likely to be abused by the world, and you don’t need their approval, but you will get their respect. This made him much more withdrawn, and his pursuit of family safety was more valuable than introducing his family to the world. This was a major difference between our parenting.

Throughout your career, you have strategically chosen your roles. For a long time, you chose what you did with the goal of becoming the biggest movie star in the world. What’s your plan now? And how did “King Richard” fit into it? Thinking about becoming the biggest movie star in the world is over. I realized that in order to be here and be useful, you need to do a lot more introspection. I want to play roles in which I can look at myself, where I can look at my family, I can look at ideas that are important to me. Everything in my life is more focused on spiritual growth and exaltation. So, for example, one of the most important things for me during this process is to make sure that Onjanue Ellis, Saniyaya and Demi are at a high level and the world sees their work. I’m not looking for people to applaud me. I have two young actresses who are at this level for the first time. I want them to feel loved and protected. I want Aunjanue to bring her flowers. In this process, my focus is precisely on this, and not on the box office or awards. I have almost zero personal interest in this area.

Which idea, presented by Richard Williams, was important to you? Ondzhanyu referred to Richard and Oracen: she said that they were accomplices in this crazy dream. In my opinion, everyone wants a crazy dream. You should enjoy the absolute madness of what you want to create in your life, unite your family around you and achieve it. This is the joy of life. We can’t all expect to be as successful as the Williams family, but I love shedding light on the idea of ​​a family going for it.

You also have a new Disney + documentary series about Planet Earth. What idea from this show excited you? I am beginning to understand that science and spirituality are one and the same. Religion and science, definitely on a subatomic level, is the whole definition of God, right? Everyone is looking for the same thing. I grew up in a very religious family; my grandmother was Jesus’ home girl. My the mind has always been scientific. I am beginning to see how these things merge together. As I walk and stand next to a volcano, I can feel the beat of that bass shaking my body – the fear I have and the thrill of nature is deeply spiritual. For me, research is about nature scientifically, but just like a volcano, spiritually.

You are so deliberately talking about everything. Have you ever done something just for fun? Never ever. I may have to start letting go of this. I lost sight of the results. I used to be very single-minded and focused. But I’m still determined. My life is pretty structured. I always get up from 4 am to 6 am, read and reflect on specific things or dreams and ideas that I want to translate into the world. In this sense, I am very organized. I think the illusion of control calms me down. I hope.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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