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With BNG there are more things that unite us than those that separate us

The headquarters of the PSdeG-PSOE in Santiago is located on a promontory just above the palace of San Caetano, the headquarters of the Xunta. From there the socialists reflect on some of the offices they last visited in 2009. After several changes in leadership, they recovered for 18-F José Ramón Gómez Besteiro (Lugo, 56 years old), survivor of a long that judicial trial, with that Pedro Si Sánchez and his people resorted to

Question. The PP achieved an absolute majority in nine of the last ten elections. On what basis do they say, as their motto, “desta vai” (this time yes)?

Answer. There is a sense of apathy, of inaction, very well represented in the profile of Rueda himself (Alfonso, PP candidate). We don’t know where Galicia is going. After 15 years, the PP project was exhausted, it has no model in the country. Galicia should continue, and PP and Rueda are brakes.

Q. And what does the PSdeG offer that the PP does not?

A. In the 15 years since the socialists left Government, what we have seen is less population and less jobs. We have little weight in Spain in terms of jobs and we have a lot of public debt. We are missing opportunities. We need more jobs through reindustrialization, and for that we need to take advantage of the opportunities in the energy sector, there is a particularly ambitious field. Restore lost rights in health care, trust, public education or social services, where there is less investment and more privatisation. And there is ambition in the country, because we have become a bit of a competitive framework. There I included reconciliation with other administrations: city councils, the Government – we cannot continue to constantly face each other – and in Europe, where we do not have a presence.

José Ramón Gómez Besteiro, At The Mar De Vigo Auditorium, On February 10.
José Ramón Gómez Besteiro, at the Mar de Vigo Auditorium, on February 10. OSCAR CORRAL

Q. Are you afraid of the effects of the amnesty?

A. Conceptually, as a democrat, I can understand that there are some people who don’t share this and others too. What Galicians do not understand is that they voted against the revaluation of pensions as Feijóo did. I don’t think the amnesty will condition the vote, the Galician is smarter than everyone else and knows that Puigdemont is not among his priorities. However, I understand that the PP voter is angry with what we have discovered: Feijóo who is agitating against the alleged disintegration of Spain while he is also negotiating amnesty, I feel cheated. We are just facing another chapter of PP’s lies, and we deserve to know if Rueda knew about those negotiations.

Q. The PP maintains that the Government favors Catalonia and discriminates against Galicia.

A. If the debt forgiveness only applies to Catalonia, I can understand it. But the Government’s message is clear: it’s for everyone. And the proof is that the communities governed by the PP like Andalusia and Valencia are no longer against each other. All this is a bet of Feijóo where Rueda is limited to follow, if for Galicia it could mean 3.5 billion.

Q. Health is one of the main concerns of Galicians. There are serious problems in primary care, although not exclusively in Galicia. What solutions do you suggest?

A. First, reverse the trend of more privatization and less public health. More resources should be directed to primary care, which has suffered the most cuts in recent years, with a conversion plan. There is a lack of investment and planning, it seems that it is not known how many doctors will retire in 10 years. And it can no longer be blamed for the lack of MIR places, because we have the biggest offer in recent years.

Q. Will you reverse the PP reductions in inheritance and estate taxes?

A. These are fictitious deductions, which have little effect, even in terms of tax collection, because they affect only a few, those who have the most. I don’t plan to pay estate tax for the next 10 years unless I win the lottery… So, I’ll get rid of the bonuses.

Q. All polls put BNG ahead. Do you see yourself as Ana Pontón’s vice president?

A. I doubt it will happen, although I am convinced of the change. Last week’s mobilization will bring us more votes. Now, the citizens will decide and what they say on the 18th to do.

José Ramón Gómez Besteiro poses at the Mar de Vigo Auditorium, on February 10.ÓSCAR CORRAL

Q. What makes you different from BNG?

A. We have a lot in common, especially in terms of rights. We have a strong vocation for economic development, we believe that with a powerful program we can increase the weight of the industry by 20% and by four points of the GDP. And that means attracting European funds and attracting investments, because we don’t believe that everything that comes from outside is bad.

P: They long for self-determination.

A. You will not meet us on that road. We are neither nationalist nor independent. We have a lot in common in other areas, there are more things that unite us than separate us. But clearly not there.

Q. Should the school model be changed to favor Galician?

A. The point is that less Galician is spoken than years ago, which is the reason for the “harmonious bilingualism” policy of the PP. We must fight for more people to speak it, with tolerance, without imposing, and without a language that produces first and second class Galicians. That means using all the weapons of the Administration to promote it. In education and in all fields: in business, in public relations… It is also important to speak Galician in Madrid, although the PP voted against it in Congress.

Q. You are a Congress Deputy. If they don’t govern, will they stay in opposition?

A. My destiny and my commitment is in Galicia. And here I will stay.

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