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With the use of AI Ecommerce Automate

Automated Ecommerce With The Use Of Ai

In these dystopian stories, humans interact with non-human intellectuals who have their own motivations, which generate conflict in the plot.

Although with less action, but no less spectacular, the future caught up with us, with tools like ChatGPT showing humanity only a sliver of all the vast possibilities that lie ahead. oh, For years, this decade would be remembered as the origin of ohAn instrument that would mark this century.

You only have to look at ChatGPT, which achieved 100 million users in two months, something that neither Instagram nor Snapchat achieved, which took 26 and 44 months, respectively, according to data from UBS consultancy .

creation of images, programming, texts, voices; Whatever we need, tools like Midjourney and Ripplet deliver it just by asking. He e-commerce enjoys with the advancement of this technology and the capabilities of oh Current operations, it is possible to automate operations at sales sites to a certain extent.

how to do it? Akamai, Revi and Salesforce explain how to put a company to work oh For us in cyber security, review customization and personalization are the key aspects that are the nuts keeping the business well.

clever defense

Rome was not built in a day and neither was the growth of trade. Designing, programming, nurturing social networks with content, finding suppliers, and getting customers take time. With today’s Internet threats like ransomware, a virus that hijacks data so it can extort money from people, this years-old effort collapses in minutes.

Other more common threats include skimmers and mazecarts, attacks that steal or clone bank card data; Phishing, unauthorized access to customers’ accounts, to conduct fraudulent transactions; fake browser updates; supply chain attacks; and software vulnerabilities, according to Nubosoft data.

Fernando Nuñez, retail and tourism specialist at Akamai for Latin America, explained the cost of not having cyber security tools e-commerce amounting to $3.8 million in the countries of the region, a damage that halts the growth and reputation of a brand.

Akamai is an American company that provides cloud software services in various areas such as cyber security and storage. works in areas such as e-commerceGaming, Aeronautics and Govt.

Núñez explained that, according to consulting firm Cyber ​​Security Ventures, the amount of money gained by cybercrime manages to exceed the GDP of solid emerging economies like Mexico and that organized crime embezzlement from online businesses outnumbered 8 percent for this year. Trillion dollars is expected to be received.

Akamai has two solutions that have machine learning as allies to protect SMEs and large businesses in the vast ocean of the Internet: Page Integrity Manager and Guardicore Segmentation.

The first product focuses on protecting web applications and APIs that are exposed to the Internet. Thanks to the democratization of cloud services, SMEs can start serving e-commerce Online, but they are not free from threats, so having a Page Integrity Manager solution will provide automatic coverage to them.

This tool automatically uncovers and blocks vulnerabilities and script-based attacks that can go unnoticed for days or months, stealing user information.

For its part, Guardicore segmentation, aimed at large-scale segmentation, is able to isolate a malicious agent that has infiltrated the database in order to reduce its propagation.

The product then eliminates threats if it finds erratic behavior based on machine learning. The client will have to remove that field from the server, but they will not have to shut down their platform and lose customers or money.

informed purchase

Once the cyber security part is covered, the main thing is to reach the customer and make the sale. Publication of reviews on the site of e-commerce According to Shopify, it’s one of the most convenient ways to increase sales and business visibility.

According to data from NoFakes, a company specializing in marketing in Europe, there is a trend of reviews e-commerce It’s 2023, because in 2022, 9 out of 10 people read between 1 and 6 reviews to make a purchase, moreover, it was found that on sites that viewed these texts, sales increased between 270 and 380 percent.

While sellers may feel intimidated by leaving such an important variable unchecked, having a review system in place is not harmful, as it provides certainty to potential consumers when purchasing a product. Aconsultancy, a UK marketing company, found that merchandise with more than 50 reviews had a sales conversion rate of 4.6 percent.

People are increasingly looking for reviews and ratings on review sites, said Renata Raya, CEO of Revy, an app that makes it easy for businesses to collect reviews. e-commerce To decide whether to buy or not.

As of January this year, more than 40,000 product reviews have been hosted and 700 users have signed up to the platform since its launch in October 2022.

Raya tells that Revi’s magic hinges on one oh Which is responsible for collecting the reviews received from WhatsApp and then placing them on the page that contains the product.

The process is as follows. platform of e-commerce Receives mobile number by registering on the page oh It monitors the sales process, sends an automated message on WhatsApp to analyze their experience with the item if it is true and a few days after the customer receives their purchase.

It asks to rate the merchandise between one and five stars and then asks the user if they want to add a comment, and if it is a voice message, oh Able to transcribe and place content on client’s site.

beyond cookies

The final stop on the smart store journey is personalization, an area within marketing that helps drive sales, but more importantly, retains customers.

Personalization is a strategy that puts the customer at the center, some examples are home pages that show articles by gender and age, banners that reveal previously viewed products, or seasonal offers taking into account weather and preferences. All are based on cookies, that is, information that websites get from you based on your searches.

If a customer gets a personalized experience, they are more likely to make a purchase; More than 91 percent of consumers do, according to data from Accenture Consultancy.

Salesforce Senior Vice President for Latin America Jose Luis Varela assures that privatization is a necessity of the company e-commerce It cannot be postponed that it faces some challenges, such as the use of customer data, especially now that Google is planning to delete cookies in Chrome, with 64.9 percent of users globally, according to Technology Stackscale. Browser used by.

For Varela, through the integration of cloud platforms with Salesforce first party data (the brand’s own data collected over time), and various databases such as Amazon Ads or Meta with its CRM (customer relationship manager) Salesforce Customer 360 removes this obstacle. Later access to customer interactions on social networks and more than 18 partners that allow the placing of personalized ads.

There are two models behind this CRM ohOne is responsible for building consumer profiles in an ocean of information, while the other is of the generative type that allows sales and marketing teams to solicit suggestions to create focused campaigns on specific goals.

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