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Within dating apps for people with STDs: “It’s a supportive community and a safe place where you don’t get judged”

loss dating sites Finding a mate has grown exponentially over the past decade. A business that has grown even faster in the wake of Epidemic In which limited social gatherings prompted thousands to venture out to meet people in an imposed virtuality. before this Increasing Push, the field began to offer new concepts and built countless apps based on it like, fetish Or even for Amish or zombie lovers or who want to find the father or mother of their children. But if this world had not surprised us enough, it is of particular interest. Dating apps for people with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
The main purpose of these sites is to create a safe environment And without tickets where users can easily talk about their health problems without fear of rejection, However, in the first instance, this was somewhat controversial for some environments, which assume that, well, use of new technologies – Mainly phone application(s) and platform online- favors increase in the number of sexual partnersas well as unprotected sex. In fact, several studies have confirmed that these users have a significantly higher number of sexual partners and more prevalence of infection sexually transmitted infections (STIs) compared to non-users.

Despite this, its defenders say it is a viable place to forge new relationships without the fear of making confessions that could break everything. but at the same time, they keep negative stigma around these diseases. This newspaper has talked to one of its users, it is their experience from inside.

“First Diagnosis Feels Like Death”

ADC (initials for anonymity), a 32-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with HIV 6 years ago. He admitted that his sex life was “busy” and somewhat “irresponsible” at the time, with multiple sex partners and few contraceptives. Despite not presenting any clinical manifestations, he decided to undergo a test prompted by a friend and, to his surprise, he tested positive for HIV. “I was in shock, felt panic and tremendous fear. I was not fully aware of the subject. All that seemed like death in my head.

With the passage of time, after receiving various medical opinions and receiving treatment, the fear of death or living as a ‘sick person’ became Fear of stigma and social rejection. He says that he went without any kind of relationship for over a year and felt ashamed to even tell this to his group of close friends. “Society leads us to think that we are vicious people without any sex education or knowledge. They don’t know anything about this type of disease, which can be controlled with a specific treatment. normal life and without risk to anyone,

This young man confesses that he was given the final push in a support group whom he contacted through the network. There, ADC met a man with the same diagnosis and began a relationship that lasted a few months. And from that story also was born knowledge about them Dating Apps for People with STDsA world that he describes as ‘safe’ and in which there are ‘very interesting’ people who have much to say beyond their diagnosis.

a supportive community

This young man confesses that his experience in apps began after his emotional breakup. I already knew about frustrating experiences with people who didn’t want to go through a relationship because of fear or ignorance. ‘I found myself at the starting point. At the time, many of my friends were already using dating apps and had positive experiences. But the fear and stigma reappeared and I decided to try the experience as a therapy in which share my fears with those who were in my situation,

In this way he became a user and started meeting people. he reports that it was very ‘doctor’ Being able to open up and talk about your problems without being judgmental or feeling like a ‘leper’. ”this is a Safe space in which you feel more free’‘, it says. Likewise, he acknowledges that it’s nice to be able to talk to people who are aware of the illness and don’t speak out out of disapproval.

The young man says he has had several meetings, not all of them with sentimental or sexual motives. ”I’ve found Good friends That I know through these applications. His experiences have made my disease even more normal and inspired me to Participate in social and educational projects”, he claims.

At the same time, in addition to partners in these apps, you can find Information about your STD and emotional support, Stories are posted about other people’s own infection experiences, helping those who are battling an STD for the first time. all this generates within them a sense of community. “There are often online counselors, people can share their experiences on blogs and some even organize events,” he explains.

How does this work?

dating service has many Similarities to Other Apps Traditional. They have similar features like instant messaging, email, photo and short description within the profile. Other notable premium services are the ability to filter searches by STD type and a premium subscription that offers additional features such as professional advice. Access to these features depends on the account you use and the ETS dating website you join.

yes there are additional functions What sets them apart in particular and with which you have to be careful. For example, they can share their diagnoses or use electronic health cardwhich allows them to stay in touch with their doctors through onlinePlus download and view test results, a blood test schedule, and your medical history.

However, users run the risk of sharing information on these sites with third parties. Several sexually transmitted dating apps and sites have previously faced lawsuits for violating Privacy policies, According to reports. To avoid these problems, make sure you sign up for trusted sites with a history of user privacy.

Despite this, the ADC qualifies these applications as ‘.blank space where to start again, And like any other scenario, it should be done with caution, caution and common sense. And he ends by emphasizing a message he considers important within this community. “You shouldn’t get attached to a person just because they share a diagnosis with you, that doesn’t define you. Search beyond and don’t label you. Deep down we are all human, love what they make you feel.,

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