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Without announcing her candidacy, Christina Kirchner launched a speech with a strong election tone

Without announcing her candidacy, Christina Kirchner launched a speech with a strong election tone

In order to start the election campaign, Christina Kirchner appealed to the government of alberto fernandez To oversee the security of the suburbs of Buenos Aires, the main bastion of Kirchnerism, and once again called the unity of the Frente de Todos around his figure, equating the attempted assault to which he was the victim. Attack on Peronism.

There was also no shortage of criticism from the opposition, whom he accused without naming names of hate speech and attacks against justice, with which he strongly opposes the causes of corruption, which it holds as a hero. Qualifying as “a monarchical impediment”, insisting that judges have life positions.

“It is not good for judges to decide economic policies”, assured the vice president, who explained last month’s inflation, which climbed to 6.3%, in an increase in telephone and internet services “because a judge said regulated prices should not be enforced.”

This gave rise to criticism of the life position of a magistrate. “Nobody’s in charge of anything, overall, they’re sitting there for life, like a monarchical handicap.” “How can it be that there are people who are there for life and decide the life of Argentina?” he said, after which he asked himself: “What is democratic in this?” “Nothing,” was answered.

After recalling some expressions of opposition leaders, such as Macrista Gerardo Millmanwho said that without Cristina there is no Peronism and without Peronism there is still Argentina”, the Vice President assured that in that radical phrase “the forever old project: the disappearance of Peronism”.

“They genuinely believe that it ends people’s desire for a dignified life and a just homeland. If it were that easy, they would have done it already. Many years ago And Peronism is always reborn and what seemed dead and buried is not the end,” he said.

The Vice President spoke for just over an hour in front of a unique stadium in upon payment Crowds with militants mobilized by various factions of Kirchnerism, unions and mayors of suburbs and some inner districts of Buenos Aires, who received him to the rhythm of the song “Cristina President”.

The pretext for the act was the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the return to the country. juan domingo peron After 17 years in exile, which is celebrated in the Peronist calendar as the Day of the Militant, and the marketing slogan of the call is “La Fuerza de la Esperanza”.

Militants Watch The Actions Of Christina Kirchner Outside The Estadio Unico De La Plata
Militants watch Christina Kirchner act outside the Estadio Unico de la PlataMatias Adhemar – The Nation

For this reason, it was not at all coincidental that, in the midst of her judicial problems due to the corruption cases in which she was the protagonist, the Vice President recalled that Perón returned on November 17, 1972 “after exile and indictment”. have arrived.

There was also no shortage of reprimanding the government for neglecting the salaried sectors, which have not been covered by the reinforcements, which receive pensions and social schemes in the midst of the crisis. “Politics is work and wages of added value in a political project of industrialization,” he apostrophized.

Ceremony By Christina Kirchner At Estadio Unico De La Plata 11/17/22
Ceremony by Christina Kirchner at Estadio Unico de la Plata 11/17/22The Nation / Santiago Hayford

However, in defense of the Alberto Fernandez administration, he again spilled the beans on the heavy burden of foreign debt. “2015 began a decline that seemed to have no end, but the turning point was the country’s return to brutal indebtedness, which completely affects our policies because we need resources to generate resources, not to add value. Allocate for work, but to repay the loan,” he said.

In this sense, he emphasized his economic recipes and called for “aligning prices, salaries, rates so that development does not turn away from the four living.”

In another claim that appears to be directed at the government she herself created, Christina Kirchner said that “it is necessary to agree on policies.” “The election, it has been demonstrated, can be won, but the conditions are so grave, so deep, that it will require that all Argentinians or at least the majority of Argentinians all throw themselves in the same direction; If this does not happen then our country will become difficult for anyone”, he warned.

Beyond militant enthusiasm, the act was armed millimeter precision, As can be seen in the video before Christina Kirchner’s entrance, which contains phrases and images diego maradonaName of La Plata Stadium, Perron, Eva Perron and Nestor Kirchner.

The political task facing Christina Kirchner is not an easy one In his effort to raise the electoral image of the Frente de Todos on his shoulders. The government of which he is a part has, according to all polls, one of the worst approval ratings in recent times as a result of an intractable economic crisis with inflation, although it was inherited from the Mauricio Macri administration, never doing so. I was not able to. control and which, on the contrary, worsens every month.

At the beginning of his speech, Christina Kirchner He appealed once again to the sympathies of the radical electorate, who does not agree with society together for change, recalling that he went to the government of that political signal, Hipólito Yrigoyen, the first to fall victim to a coup d’état. There were “military parties”.

The mention of fundamentalism led him to recall Raúl Alfonsín’s victory on October 30, 1983, as the moment “inaugurated a tacit democratic agreement that implied that any Argentine would risk his life to think differently”. does not endanger.” this was the introduction to talk unsuccessful attack of which he was a victim. “Unfortunately, that democratic pact, of respecting life, nothing less, was broken on September 1,” he concluded.

“It is the obligation of all political forces to recreate the democratic compromise that sets aside violent, hate speech that wants another dead because they think differently. It would be going back to pre-democratic phases,” he said.

In an attempt to rob machismo from a pivot of his electoral discourse, the vice president called for “the inclusion of the issue of security in the democratic debate”, an issue he said “debts democracy” and acknowledged, “a complex one”. issue but it is the Argentine society that has to suffer”.

“No political party has been able to resolve this and please, end the hard-line debate of guarantors…the debate is too rough, too cynical and lies,” he said, before demanding security forces. Respond effectively to civilian forces”. “That’s security,” he concluded.

But he also asked the government of Alberto Fernandez to return the gendarmerie to the suburbs. Questioning the deployment of troops from that force to control attacks by radical Mapuche organisations, he said, “It is incomprehensible what they are doing in the south.”

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