Velko Paunović asks Cruz Azul to steal this reinforcement.

World Impact, Chivas will steal reinforcements from Cruz Azul at Paunovic’s request

Velko Paunović asks Cruz Azul to steal this reinforcement.
Velko Paunović asks Cruz Azul to steal this reinforcement.

June 05, 2023 at 5:57 pm.

shivaz He faces a few weeks of pure work from the board of directors and the enthusiasm of the fans. is that final after a disastrous loss Completion 2023He holy herd He analyzes the season with a cool head and knows it was good, but they will have to double the stakes in the second half of the year to go in search of 13.

That is why the Guadalajara team intensifies by reinforcing the hierarchy in all lines to increase the level of internal competition in the team and thus empower all existing players. Under this framework, a footballer who had everything locked blue Cross came on the radar rojiblancoWhich may intensify in the next few hours.

it’s about striker Edward Aguirrewho played last season Saints Lagoon And he showed a good performance, but beyond that, a style of play that would be perfectly suited to the idea he proposed Velko Paunovic in their shivaz Since he took office at the beginning of this year 2023 with all ending Front.

the thing is that paunovic He showed that he is not confident in playing with a center forward who stands stationary between central defenders as a point of reference for the field, but prefers greater involvement with the team’s offensive gesture. this is why neither Rolando Cisneros neither daniel rios Can adapt to team and have to improve with pocho guzman,

How much might it cost Chivas to buy Aguirre?

according to specific site transfer marketestablished market value for Edward Aguirre is about 3 million dollars, a figure that red and white nation It could well be reached with the sale of one of its current center forwards, who sinned short of the goalscoring quota and will have packed his bags to leave.

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