Would you pay 120,000 euros to eat in space?  It is now possible to book an experience

Would you pay 120,000 euros to eat in space? It is now possible to book an experience

Gastronomic experiences are becoming increasingly surprising and there seems to be no limit to the quest for influence. It has gone so far that now you can even enjoy food in space. Zefalto, a French company specializing in space tourism, has already opened reservations for the gourmet tours, with plans to begin operations in late 2024. Diners will be able to savor a menu 25 kilometers from the surface, with panoramic views of Earth and the stars. However, the price is also stratospheric: 120,000 euros per person.

The company plans to offer 60 flights a year, with each flight carrying only six passengers. The experience includes multiple courses of French food, wine and other beverages in a designer setting, Vincent Faret d’Estes, an aerospace engineer and founder of Zefalto, told CNN. All this aboard Celeste, a pressurized capsule that is in turn attached to a hot air balloon.

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Six diners will travel in the capsule and it will rise 25 kilometers in the stratosphere

The helium- or hydrogen-filled balloons will take off from France with two pilots and fly up to 25 kilometers into the stratosphere, lasting an hour and a half. Once it reaches its maximum altitude, which is about three times higher than that of a commercial airliner, the balloon will float above the Earth for three hours, enough time to enjoy a multi-course meal and Also gives guests the opportunity to enjoy only the first views. Seen by astronauts.

Thus, the trip will last about six hours in total, enough time to enjoy the scenery and lunch before going up and returning to Earth. Zefalto says it will be a “low carbon” trip. The project, in collaboration with the French Space Agency (CNES), is expected to start operating its flights at the end of 2024.

high cost

The company has launched the reservation option and has spaced out by mid-2025

Pre-reserved tickets cost €10,000 and give buyers the chance to secure a seat as soon as the sale starts. The company has already launched this option and all seats are sold by mid-2025.

In recent years, high-profile space tourism companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic have been moving into this area, promising to turn space into the next luxury vacation spot. However, an experience only a few can afford.






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