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You Only Need Five Minutes on the Metro to Meditate

You Only Need Five Minutes on the Metro to Meditate


How often do you use lack of time as an excuse? And how many minutes do you waste commuting in a day? There is a way to invest in them without continuing the hyperactivity that invades us.

The Idea Is To Change The Burden Of Commuting To Work In Transport
The idea is to change for a moment the stress of commuting to work on public transport.Bernardo DAZ
  • Body This is the best recipe to reduce cortisol and reduce anxiety levels
  • Mind The mental disorder that made Marilyn Monroe the saddest woman ever

“I want to start meditating, but I don’t know how or when to do it.” If you recognize yourself or even those around you in this statement, here’s the answer: Your moment is just a few minutes away. your five minutes to go to work,

special application mindful Petit Bamboo and Metro de Madrid form an alliance Popularizing meditation among users during the months of October and November. One way to start this habit that helps to calm the mind, helps in achieving greater concentration in that area More than three million daily trips on public transport in one working dayAccording to the regional transport of Madrid. And where, on many occasions we push each other, we don’t leave our seats or we go like real zombies.

as Serge La Idea

Sometimes We Go In Subway As Auto
Sometimes we go on the subway like robots and we are not even aware of how we feel and the environment is focused on our ‘smartphones’.Bernardo DAZ

The inspiration came from a trip on public transport, says Mariam Campello, director of Petit Bamboo in Spain, where she observed that “the vast majority of commuters they were on their mobile phones with their heads down“. Not in vain, even the transport pass will be taken in our smart fone in 2023. And seeing the “time of use” in our mobile’s configuration is enough to make us intimidated by hours of revealing data glued to the mobile. If you check it out, you’re definitely somewhere between two and five without even realizing it.

“on average People spend more than an hour on transport every day, it spends a lot of time browsing social networks and, although it seems to be relaxing, in fact the opposite happens. Its abusive use can lead to mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion,” says Campello, who often hears that “I don’t have time to meditate.”

That is why it seemed useful to them that the time which has nothing to do, is devoted to self-care, especially now when fuel prices are exorbitant due to war and commuters choosing the Madrid Metro. has moved around to get the number of 22.7% with respect to the previousAccording to the data published by the National Statistical Institute (INE).

why meditate

Illustration developed by Meditation App to communicate this joint action with Metro de Madrid.small bamboo

No one carries a newspaper anymore and hardly anyone carries a book, so meditating seems like an interesting activity to make the most of your time. But, can you meditate on the subway with people moving or sometimes crowded? Campello is assertive and doesn’t deceive: “The ideal is to meditate, meditate while sitting and closing your eyes, avoiding distractions.” However, he thinks that any place is ok to spend a few minutes to find himself and Be aware of how you feel in that moment.

“It’s normal to have more distractions on the subway, but meditation involves being aware of them and turning your attention back as often as possible.” take a breath, To reconnect with yourself.” Not in vain, many studies support the practice for its benefits.

this is my first time

When it comes to getting started, there many clichesFrom asanas, duration of meditation, what to do during meditation, how to reconnect when you lose your mind with your thoughts…

“What are these clichés Discouraging people from starting or continuing to meditate. That’s why I recommend that you practice a little everyday. First five minutes, then eight, we go to ten… in the position that’s most comfortable for you. Sitting in a chair, lying down or even standing and, above all, you should be open to everything that happens during meditation”, assures the expert. Therefore, wandering of mind, wandering is normal. .

“Well because we are not in the here and now. Our mind is busy with the stories that social networks tell us or we are engrossed in our own thoughts of the past or the future. Our body is, but our mind is somewhere else“, claims Campello, who recommends meditation to connect with what you’re experiencing at the time, be aware of how you feel but also be aware of the environment.

benefits of meditation

Technology, which can be an enemy to attention, should not be blamed for all of our distractions, as it ultimately depends on what we use, admits the head of Petit Bumbo. An example of its application to life with others such as facilitating our work or access to information, he explains. “Used correctly, it allows us to approach ancient practice In a simple way”, he summarized. Campello describes the following benefits of meditation:

  • this is a mind training, Especially if it is exercised consistently over time, such as going to the gym.
  • Health Reform In general, both physical and mental and emotional.
  • help self awarenessBetter manage anxiety and stress.
  • Lowers blood pressure, improves heart rate and Improves attention.

CMO works

You Only Need Five Minutes On The Metro To Meditate

On your next trip on the subway, you just have to scan the QR you’ll find on the posters inside the cars on Lines 1 and 6. “This QR Free and exclusive weekly meditations. Attention will automatically appear in the player every Monday. Passengers on the second lines will be able to access meditations from the Metro de Madrid website.

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